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The Best Places to Ride Your Bicycle in Southwest Florida

There are tons of trails and pathways in Naples, Fort Myers Beach, Marco Island, and Bonita Springs!

Where to Ride

Paradise Bike & E-bike Rentals customers enjoy riding their bicycles in lots of awesome spots in Bonita Springs, Marco, Naples, and Fort Myers Beach. Here are some of our favorite places to ride a bike in southwest Florida:

Naples Places to Bike Ride

  • Gordon River Greenway & Baker Park - One of Naples' most enjoyable public parks, teh Gordon River Greenway is a trail and boardwalk designed for casual cyclists, walkers, and runners. It crosses the picturesque Gordon River and offers multiple wooded boardwalks and paved trails, including a loop around the nearby Naple Municpal Airport and Observation Platform.

  • Vanderbilt Drive to Bonita Springs - Casual riders looking for a quick paved bike link between Vanderbilt Beach and Bonita Beach need look no further than the Vanderbilt Drive bicycle trail from Vanderbilt Beach Rd. in North Naples to the Bonita Beach Rd. connection to Bonita Beach. It's an enjoyable way for people staying in Naples to quickly ride to another nearby beach.

  • Vanderbilt Beach Rd. to the Gulf of Mexico - Vanderbilt Beach Rd. offers bike lanes and generous sidewalks in both directs, making it great for bicycle riding from the Naples Estates, through Tiburon and the Livingston Rd. Trail intersection, and all the way to fabulous Vanderbilt Beach west of US Route 41 (Tamiami Trail). If you're staying in northeastern Naples or the Naples Estates, Vanderbilt Beach Rd. is your gateway to a day at the beach.

  • Fifth Avenue South and Downtown Naples - Enjoy the glitz and fashion of the most beautiful walking district in the nation. Take a leisurely bike ride through quaint shopping areas, enjoy the scents and sounds of a lively gastronomic district, and stop to enjoy a refreshing glass of wine or iced tea.

  • Livingston Road Trail from Golden Gate to Bonita Springs - Looking for a nice, long ride through a winding, residential parkway? Ride to Livingston Rd. and head north on one of the roadside paved trails or bike lanes. This bike route will guide you as far south or north as you'd like to travel on your rental bike--and if you go north, you can stop at Coconut Point Mall or Florida Gulf Coast University.

  • Logan Blvd. Trail from Golden Gate to Bonita Springs - If you're looking for a wonderful north and south ride without very many intersections and lots of beautiful sunshine, the Logan Blvd trail is a great choice. You can ride your rental bike all the way to Bonita Springs on a completely off-the-road paved trail that is always separated from car traffic. Pick up the Logan trail at Vanderbilt Beach Rd., Immokalee Rd., or Pine Ridge Rd. in Naples.

Ft. Myers Beach Places to Bike Ride

  • Estero Island to Bonita Beach Causeway Ride - From Times Square in downtown Fort Myers Beach, ride your bike south along the separated paved trail that follows Estero Blvd. as far south as Bonita Beach, and enjoy several lovely causeway-style bridge crossings over the idyllic ocean passes that connect the Gulf of Mexico to Estero Bay. You'll also pass Lover's Key State Park and the famous world-famous Bonita Springs Dog Beach.

  • The End-to-End Island Crawl - Make a day of it by riding your rental bike from one tip of the island to the other, all along Estero Blvd, and see how many unique locations you can find. From the incredible ocean-blue pass and ultra-wide beach at the south end of the island to the lovely Bowditch Point park at the north end, this route makes for an enjoyable day of casual, laid-back bike riding.

  • Lovers Key State Park - Miles of bicycle trails welcome you to Lovers Key State Park on Lovers Key Island from Fort Myers, ride south on Estero Blvd. until you reach the state park, where you'll find a network of gorgeous, mangrove-laced bicycle trails. Take in the natural beauty of the tropical habitat of mangroves and bayside shallows as you pedal and enjoy the Florida sun.

Marco Island Places to Bike Ride

  • Indian Hill - The Indian Hill area on Marco Island is a roadway-laced preserved containing lots of Gopher Tortoises and Burrowing Owls. this is easily one of the best nature bike rides in southwest Florida, although it does have some fairly steep inclines, so come prepared. For riders looking for a challenging ride up and down hills, the Indian Hill area is ideal, but for a more leisurely ride, other areas have a better fit.

  • Collier-Seminole State Park - A nicely procured bicycle trail loop of just over three-and-a-half miles, the loop in Collier-Seminole State Park offers a heavily-shaded trail that offers plentiful of wildlife and a campground feel. A great day trip with the bikes... or a fun distance ride for experienced riders who want to commute by bike from Marco Island down Tamiami Trail southward to the state park.

Bonita Springs Places to Bike Ride

  • The Bonita Beach to Estero Island Causeway Ride - From Bonita Beach Rd., head north along the separated paved trail that follows Estero Blvd. as far north as Fort Myers Beach aka Estero Island, and enjoy four beautiful causeway-style crossings over crystal-clear bluewater dolphin passes that connect Estero Bay to the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Livingston Road Trail Bonita Springs to Naples - This route offers a long ride through a winding, residential parkway that connects as far north as Florida Gulf Coast University and as far south as Golden Gate in Naples. While in Bonita, ride to Coconut Rd. and head south on one of the roadside paved trails or bike lanes. It's an enjoyable way to bike ride from Bonita Springs to Naples.

  • Logan Blvd. Trail from Golden Gate to Bonita Springs - This trail is a good choice for riders who don't want too many big roadway intersections. Running from Estero all the way through the heart of Naples, the Logan bike trail offers spectacular sites and a chance to meet many casual cyclists along the ride. Pick up the Logan trail at Bonita Beach Rd. in Bonita Springs.

  • Vanderbilt Drive south to Naples Park - While being an enjoyable way for people staying in Bonita to quickly ride to another nearby beach (Vanderbilt Beach), this route is also the fastest way to get to Naples Park by bicycle from Bonita Beach Rd. It's paved and separated from the main road for the entirety of the trail. Awesome place to ride a rental bike.

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